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Why SEO Outsourcing is a Great Option for Businesses in Alberta




Jun 19, 2018

Why SEO Outsourcing is a Great Option for Businesses in Alberta

Businesses in Alberta are turning toward digital marketing to reach their target demographic. 81% of shoppers research products online before making a purchase. It’s essential that customers are able to find your website online.

However, ranking on the first pages of Google isn’t a guarantee for anyone. There are more than 1,877,000,000 websites and counting, meaning your competition is thick.

If you want to show up on page one, you have to earn your place. Companies who invest in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, are the ones found by customers.

Many are doing this through SEO outsourcing methods. These methods are very effective when implemented through the right companies.

Why More Businesses in Alberta are Investing in SEO Outsourcing

There are many reasons businesses in Alberta outsource their SEO services instead of keeping them in-house. There is nothing wrong with hiring a person internally to handle your SEO strategy. But, many companies find that outsourcing to a third party is profitable and efficient.

Find out why below.

It’s Cheaper than Hiring Someone In-House

For many businesses, the cost to hire an individual with the right expertise is more than outsourcing the job to a company or agency specializing in SEO services.

In-house SEO specialists come with a hefty price tag. The average annual salary of an SEO Specialist in Canada is about C$46,038. The individual’s skills are often rooted in a specific digital strategy.

SEO agencies, on the other hand, typically offer a variety of solutions which you can bundle together while spending less. Their team consists of individuals with different skill sets to accommodate the needs of your business. Social media management, website design, branding, online marketing, and copywriting are all available.

Because SEO agencies take on multiple clients, they can offer these services at a lower rate than what you would spend hiring someone in-house. When combined, these services lead to a cohesive digital strategy at a fraction of the price of executing them in-house.

It’s More Efficient than Training Someone Yourself

What if you train someone who is already on staff? Would that not be cheaper?

No, not really. The challenge with SEO is that it’s complex. If you plan to train someone who has no background in SEO or no knowledge of how it works, you’re in for an uphill battle.

To influence your ranking in search engine results, you have to understand multiple strategies. Strategies such as keyword research, link-building, on and off-site content, and coding are essential for SEO. You also need to understand analytics reports to gauge the success of your campaigns.

The reason SEO companies are so successful is that they have a team of individuals working together to elevate your rankings.

Experienced copywriters that know how to optimize copy for SEO create content for your web pages and blogs.

Web developers create or optimize your website’s design to make sure it loads quickly, is mobile-friendly, and secure.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) experts design, execute and manage campaigns to get your ads in front of your target demographic.

SEO veterans develop your strategy, create backlinks, and execute other tactics to improve your site’s ranking in search engines.

In short, successful SEO strategies often take an entire team with years of combined experience. You’ll have to spend a lot of time and money to train someone to reach that calibre.

Even then, they’ll have a hard time doing it all themselves.

An Agency or Company has the Tools and Training to Help You Succeed

The right agency or company to outsource your SEO needs to will have both the tools and training to help you achieve your goals. There are many tools and programs SEO experts use to manage your website’s rankings.

This includes certifications and ongoing training to remain up-to-date with the latest strategies. Because search engine giants like Google always improve their algorithms, these experts have to stay on top of the latest updates.

Some of these changes are pretty significant. They can require major changes to your website or your content creation strategies. Not keeping up with these requirements can cause your rankings to plummet overnight.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you hire skilled professionals. If he or she isn’t familiar with the latest ongoings in the SEO industry, beware!

Outsourcing Opens Up Time for You to Focus on Other Business Goals

One of the greatest advantages of outsourcing SEO services is the time you save. Your company’s digital strategy is a time-consuming task. One that never ends.

Instead of trying to overcome the learning curb in-house, you get to focus on your expertise. Let your team spend their time doing what they do best.

As the calls and conversions start to pick up from your outsourced strategy, focus on optimizing the new flow of traffic by:

  • Improving your sales process
  • Building on your relationships with existing clients
  • Producing new products or services
  • And more…

By outsourcing this service to experts, you open up your time and budget to other business goals. Use it wisely as you apply your talents to help your business grow.

Hiring an Expert Gives You an Edge Over Your Competition

There’s an old saying that says you should keep your friends close, but your “enemies” closer.

A great SEO expert doesn’t simply get to know its client. He or she also identifies and tracks the client’s competition. They use their skills to give you an edge on your competitors.

This includes competing for keyword rankings and developing strategies to overcome market challenges. Your competition may not be using pros to handle their SEO like you are, which gives you a great advantage.

Launch Your SEO Strategy Today

Are you ready to turn to SEO outsourcing to improve your search engine rankings and get in front of the eyes of your target audience? If so, our gurus are here to help.

Get in touch with us to talk about a custom strategy to elevate your business. Located in Alberta, Canada, our professionals will be happy to meet and discuss how we can help you meet your goals.

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