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Text vs. Video: Which is Better for Email Open Rates?




Apr 8, 2020

Text vs. Video: Which is Better for Email Open Rates?

Which will give you better email open and conversation rates: text or video? The answer has changed over the years.

Email marketing and cold sales text emails have been around since the dawn of email. Businesses quickly fell in love with the concept of cold text sales emails, preferring it over cold sales calls because the text emails provided them with an easy way to contact a large assortment of potential customers.

The amount of time and effort was considerably less than businesses previously dedicated to cold calls and many businesses found that people who received the cold text sales emails were surprisingly receptive.  

Types of Text Sales Emails

As cold sales emails grew more popular with businesses, distinct types of text sale emails developed. It didn’t take long for businesses to create two solid cold text sales emails.

The Buy Something Text Sales Email

Everyone is familiar with the buy something cold text sales email. Most consumers receive at least five text sales emails a day. They’re a simple email. The text usually contains a brief intro about the retail business, a short list of the products they sell, and some strong statements claiming that at least one of the products the business carries will forever change the consumer’s life and they must purchase it right away. The cold text “buy something” emails tend to feature several short blocks of text and usually one or two images. 

The Book an Appointment Text Sales Email

Businesses that offer services rather than products rely on the book an appointment cold sales email. Like the “buy something email” this includes a short business bio and a paragraph that pleads with the consumer to book an appointment with the business. Many businesses have also started to take the extra step of offering the initial appointment for free, so they add a paragraph that explains how the appointment is totally obligation and risk-free.

The Follow-up Cold Text Sales Email

The third type of cold text sales email businesses send is the follow-up. In most cases, this is another email that provides the exact same information as the first only it includes phrases like:

  • In case you’ve forgotten
  • Here’s a second chance
  • We wanted to follow up with our earlier correspondence
  • Don’t forget about this fantastic offer

While the primary goal of the follow-up text email is to provide consumers with a second opportunity to make a purchase/book an appointment, the secondary reason businesses send a follow up sales email is to help familiarize consumers with their company’s brand/name. 

The Slow Death of the Text Sales Email

Consumers are changing. The days when a cold text sales email was something some consumers would open and read are over. Few look any further than the subject line. If they don’t recognize the sender and the subject line is uninspiring, that text email and any future emails the business sends are directed straight into the consumer’s spam folder. If the consumer does open the email, as soon as they see it’s nothing more than a large block of text, they’ll delete it and likely flag anything else they get from the same business as spam. While there are several forms of promotions marketers feel will help you grow your business in 2020, cold text emails isn’t something marketers should use to attract customers.

Since the cost of sending sales emails is rising, businesses can’t afford to have all their sales emails go ignored. Businesses rely on these sales emails to drive consumers into their sales funnel. They need each email to be opened and interacted with, and in this day and age, the most successful sales emails are video sales emails. 

Compared to Text, Video Email is the Future

Just because text sales emails are dying, it doesn’t mean you should give up on email marketing. You simply need to change the type of emails you send. While today’s consumers aren’t crazy about reading long blocks of text, they love videos. Not only are videos the future of email marketing, they’re also likely the future of content marketing. You’ll see instant results as soon as you incorporate videos into your email marketing. In nearly all cases, the click-through rate increases by as much as 300%. It’s worth noting that Wyzowl collected data that indicate that 91% of marketers incorporated videos into their advertising campaigns and that of those 91%, 83% were thrilled with the ROI the videos produced.

There are multiple reasons why consumers respond better to videos than blocks of text, including:

  • The video feels like face-to-face interactions, which goes a long way towards putting consumers at ease
  • A great deal of information can be packed into a short video, information consumers require before they can make a purchase
  • Videos allow consumers to see firsthand how a product works and how it will improve the quality of their life
  • Videos provide consumers with an accurate idea of a product’s size
  • There’s less room for misinterpretation when a consumer watches a video
  • Consumers are far more likely to watch a video all the way to its conclusion than they are to read an entire text email

What Types of Videos Should you Include in Your Sales Emails?

Data collected by discovered that videos are one of the most effective forms of marketing content. There is no end to the type of videos you can include in your video sales emails. Examples of highly effective videos that are frequently incorporated into email marketing programs include:

  • Product description videos
  • Welcome videos
  • About the business videos
  • How-to videos
  • Customer appreciation videos
  • Customer testimonial videos

The trick is to find the type of video your ideal customer responds to and include that type of video in all of your sales emails. Each video you post should be to the point and direct. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the video’s image and audio must be outstanding. Failing to post a high-quality, easy to understand video in your sales emails will convince consumers that you’re not involved with a high-quality business and they will take an interest in your competition. 

Improve your Business’ Reach with Effective Text and Video Email

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Considering how consumers respond to high-quality video sales emails, you can’t afford to include any video in your marketing emails that aren’t well thought out, engaging, and high-quality. Creating the type of video members of your target market respond to isn’t easy, which is why you should contact us about our marketing services. We promise we’ll provide you with a unique marketing campaign that will set your brand apart from all the other internet based businesses.

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