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The Intro


Why Take the Digital Plunge?

One of the first rules of marketing is to be where your customers are. In this day & age that's online.

Gone are the days when a business could rely solely on a constant deployment of newspaper, radio and billboard ads to achieve their marketing and business goals. That ‘spray and pray’ approach to marketing can eat-up hard-earned dollars pretty quickly. By embracing digital marketing solutions businesses can target with laser-precision, gain better insight into customers, and finally have marketing results that are measurable! #SayNoToSprayAndPray

Times have changed, and so have your customers. With 87% of Canadian households connected to the internet and broadband internet access for 85% of rural areas, Canada is one of the most connected countries on the planet. Canadians rank first among G7 countries, spending 35+ hours online per month, and in 2013 Canadians purchased more than $136 billion in goods and services online. Small-to-medium sized businesses are slow to adopt internet marketing, especially in rural areas, but it is becoming increasingly important that they do. There are big opportunities for businesses willing to take the plunge.

Traditional advertising takes the approach of speaking to your customers, but modern marketing requires that you speak with your customers. Social Media allows businesses to adapt to this shift in behaviour. Alberta has some of the heaviest users of social media in Canada, with 75% of Albertans using Facebook regularly. Social media is now leading the pack when it comes to what Canadians are doing online. Businesses using social media marketing can expect to see more engaged customers, more loyal brand advocates, more business insight, and more sales! Are you putting social media to work for your organization?

Octopus Creative is your marketing sidekick in Bonnyville, Cold Lake, St. Paul, Lac La Biche & the entire Lakeland Region.

The Crew

Let us be your marketing sidekicks!

Who are we? We’re marketers, coders, designers, Lakelanders, go-getters, firefighters, community volunteers and just an all-around great crew of people. We also know that running a business is a juggling act, and juggling is so much easier when you’ve got some extra arms!

If you’re looking for modern marketing solutions that stick in the digital age of social media and the internet, and you aren’t so keen on DIY or working with a city agency, then you’ve stumbled upon the right crew. We’re focused on helping grow your small-to-medium sized organization in the 21st century.

But enough with the chitchat, why not get to know us for yourself! Like what you see? Contact us and let’s get in touch.

Jon Berube

Jon Berube

Co-founder|CMO|Marketing & Social Whiz Kid

Ashleigh Hole

Ashleigh Hole

Co-founder|CCO|Branding & Graphic Design Guru

Rob Hole

Rob Hole

Co-founder|CEO|Web & Tech Mastermind

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Since we're talking marketing in the digital age, it's safe to assume that Octopus Creative is going to be uber-responsive to your inquiries! Get in touch with us for additional information or to learn more about our services. Ready to take the plunge? Let us get to know your business a little deeper and submit a Marketing Discovery Form

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