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99.8% of Canadian businesses have fewer than 500 employees. We call them SMEs, and they’re our bread and butter. As a SME your defining traits are potential, drive and ambition. You’re at the point in your growth cycle where you could double in size in a year if things go right and you’re willing to put the work in to make sure that they do.

We’re industry-agnostic: we’ve worked with artists and mechanics, realtors and law firms. We know that cool businesses that we jive with exist in every sector, and we’d love to dive into new kinds of business in new industries and help them make waves.


Business Owners

You’re no stranger to long days and hard nights of work.  We get that because we’ve been there.  When you don’t have the budget to sustain an entire marketing department, you need an effective marketing crew for the price of one team member. We can help with that.

marketing managers

AI, voice search, geofencing, promotional calendars, 360-tours, content creation—the list goes on and on and on. As a Marketing Manager, you have a defined budget, big goals, targets to hit and a to-do list that seems to always get longer. When you need a proven marketing team to help conquer that task list and be there to help, you can call on us. 

brand managers

Getting your brand in front of the right people at the right time seems like a simple concept, but we know that’s not the case. It takes strategy, planning and flawless execution to achieve brand results.  If you want to amp up your NPS and get your brand out there on a defined budget, talk to our crew about how we can be your sidekick.

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What We Can Do

Every company is different, but the foundation of what works is surprisingly similar: a user-focused website, targeted messaging and an engaging social media presence—all of it based on a brand that is worked out to the tiniest detail. We’ll implement your marketing strategy in a nimble, proactive way, and we make sure to change and update with the times. We’ll keep you up to date throughout the process, giving you as much or as little control and oversight as you want. And if we’re doing it right it’ll be fun too!