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JD Collision

Octopus Creative helped JD Collision rev up for their 40th year in style with a new marketing strategy, website and more!

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    JD Collision

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    Social Media Management, Web Design & Development, Copywriting, Marketing Strategy, Contest Development, Graphic Design

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The Client

JD Collision is a family owned collision repair and auto body shop with locations in Bonnyville and Cold Lake.  The business was started in 1976, by the current owner’s father, Joe and is currently run by Joe’s 3 sons and his son-in-law.  Some of their employees have been there for 20, even 30, years.  The business had so many unique attributes that the Octopus Creative crew was excited to help communicate to the market!

The Challenge

The owners approached Octopus Creative with concerns about the economy, direct repair programs (DRP), and ultimately, they were looking for marketing solutions to help them define their brand and communicate it to the market, and bring the company fully into the digital age.  The company was also gearing up to celebrate their 40th anniversary and was looking for a way to build excitement, increase attendance at their anniversary event.

The Solution

Octopus Creative’s biggest task at the outset was to execute an integrated 40th anniversary campaign, including a contest and a landing page as a way for them to begin to build their email list and communicate their anniversary.  Then we delved into discovering the brand by helping them to develop their mission statement and define their unique value proposition, and the brand adjective that they could own.  Our crew developed JD Collision a fully redesigned website, a managed social media strategy, a community investment framework, a brand strategy, an email acquisition strategy, and even refreshed their logo to be more in-line with the overall brand.

The Outcome

When over 500 people showed up for their 40th anniversary celebrations in September, our crew was ecstatic; and that was before the full launch of their new website and brand strategy!  Through the contest, we collected hundreds of entries and have already built a triple digit email list. Since managing their social media we have seen their fan numbers more than double, and they have now surpassed their competition.  The new website has been launched which provides an improved customer experience, allows people to submit a ‘Fix My Ride’ form directly from the website, and we are getting ready to implement a custom web app designed to collect in-shop reviews and market research so that they can become OEM certified.  Not to mention, they are also ranking first on Google when searching for related services on Google!  This was an incredible project, and Octopus Creative is looking forward to our long and fruitful relationship so we can continue to help JD Collision make waves in the community.

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