You’re ambitious. That’s your defining trait. You might have just moved into your first office and you’ve started making some money, but you need that push into the stratosphere. You’ve got a name, a logo, a presence on social media and the rudiments of a brand. Since your company has been your entire life for months now you’ve got a strong idea of where you want it to be. You just need that push to get your product or service out to the wider world or to optimize your marketing and branding efforts. That’s where we come in.


However, it’s never fun going it alone! Take a look at these resources that’ll help you to find funding and help you get set up:




Futurpreneur Canada, a partner of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) that was founded to allow young businesspeople to create new businesses. If your company got off the ground thanks to Futurpreneur then we’d love to hear from you- we’ve been in your shoes and the fact that we’re still here shows that we made it through the difficult first few years of a business.



Developed especially for companies in rural Alberta, Community Futures provides a wide range of small business loansbusiness coaching/training services and business management tools for people wanting to start, expand, franchise or sell a business.



BDC supports 49,000 companies making a combined $251 billion dollars in revenue, providing business loansconsulting services and venture capital. What’s really cool is the bank of articles, which cover just about any aspect of running a business.



Speaking of resources, BusinessLink has more than anybody when it comes to market research, business planning and financing. And it’s all free.



CIRA is about all things internet in Canada. You’ll find annual stats and research, plus a lot of other pretty sweet resources.


Make your social media stand out like a starfish in a sea full of barnacles.



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Portage College

Celebrating its fiftieth year in 2018, Portage College is one of the largest colleges in Northeastern Alberta, with multiple campuses and thousands of students across undergraduate and post-grad degrees. It's also an important part of the community, holding events and adult education courses, and has a large and well-stocked museum of aboriginal artifacts.

Lakeland Co-op

Lakeland Co-op is part of the nationwide Co-op chain and a 4,300 member business in its own right, with a gas bar, hardware store, clothing store, home centre and fuel cardlock amongst its varied product offerings. Although they have a great range of products, public perception is that they are more expensive than other brands, and too few people know about the key differences between a regular company and a co-op.

Alberta's Iron Horse Trail

The Iron Horse Trail is 300km of trail following the paths set down centuries ago by fur trappers and the first railways. It's one of the province's crown jewels, and when the Riverland Recreational Trail Society wanted to promote the trail and expand its audience, they came to us.

St. Paul & Eastalta Co-op / Federated Co-operatives Ltd.

Octopus Creative pulled off an integrated marketing campaign, spanning a trading area of more than 280km in just over a month. St. Paul and District Co-op and Eastalta Co-op officially formed Cornerstone Co-op in January of 2017, and as of January 2018 this campaign now provides the framework for a system-wide amalgamation campaign to be used by Federated Co-operatives Ltd. throughout the Co-op Retailing System.

Northpark Collision

Northpark is a family-run collision repair shop that has been fixing vehicles in St. Paul since 1985. They're an important part of their community, making charitable donations and doing everything they can to contribute to good causes. They're also a pro-grade repair shop with high-tech spraying facilities and hundreds of combined years of experience.

Kaft CPA

If you've got a small business in North Eastern Alberta, then KAFT CPA are your guys to call. A full-service, friendly business accountancy with a focus on helping small businesses by giving them solid advice. They specialize in tax preparation, bookkeeping and assurance- as well as being just plain lovely people.

St. Paul Junior B Canadiens

Ahh, good 'ol hockey! This is a sport that we love (if our teams make the playoffs that is!) and we were thrilled when the St. Paul Canadiens approached us to support their hockey team. We developed them a cutting-edge website with stick-dropping photography, entirely pro-bono!

JD Collision

Our crew helped JD Collision rev up for their 40th year in style with a 40th-anniversary campaign, long-term marketing strategy, optimized branding, a new website and more! Since then, we've helped them dominate the web with social media, online advertising and SEO to make them the #1 shop in the Lakeland region.

Tru Real Estate Team

Rollie Cartier and Kerri Dechaine are one of the top real estate teams not only in St. Paul, not only in Alberta, but in all of Canada. They have a long-established business and a huge, always-evolving inventory of great properties, but more importantly they have a reputation for being friendly, nice folks who deal with their clients fairly.

Weaver Supplies

What does it take to shake up the industrial supplies business, which has been dominated by a few key companies for decades? Smart sourcing, cutting out the middle-man, and a professional web presence. Weaver Supplies is a start-up company that sells small, disposable products like safety glasses and grinding discs that companies in the construction or utilities businesses need to order often, and which can have a serious effect on their bottom-line.