The Horizon is Endless

You’re ambitious. That’s your defining trait. You might have just moved into your first office and you’ve started making some money, but you need that push into the stratosphere. You’ve got a name, a logo, a presence on social media and the rudiments of a brand. Since your company has been your entire life for months now you’ve got a strong idea of where you want it to be. You just need that push to get your product or service out to the wider world or to optimize your marketing and branding efforts. That’s where we come in.

However, it’s never fun going it alone! Take a look at these resources that’ll help you to find funding and help you get set up:

Futurepreneur Canada

Futurpreneur Canada, a partner of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) that was founded to allow young businesspeople to create new businesses. If your company got off the ground thanks to Futurpreneur then we’d love to hear from you- we’ve been in your shoes and the fact that we’re still here shows that we made it through the difficult first few years of a business.

Community Futures

Developed especially for companies in rural Alberta, Community Futures provides a wide range of small business loans, business coaching/training services and business management tools for people wanting to start, expand, franchise or sell a business.

Business Development Bank of Canada

BDC supports 49,000 companies making a combined $251 billion dollars in revenue, providing business loans, consulting services and venture capital. What’s really cool is the bank of articles, which cover just about any aspect of running a business.

BusinessLink Alberta

Speaking of resources, BusinessLink has more than anybody when it comes to market research, business planning and financing. And it’s all free.

Canadian Internet Registration Authority

CIRA is about all things internet in Canada. You’ll find annual stats and research, plus a lot of other pretty sweet resources.

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