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Everything you do online gets recorded somewhere (want to see how much and freak out? Install something like Ghostery.) Analytics is taking all those impressions that users make as they interact with your company online (and even offline) and using that data to make informed decisions about what to do next.

We’ll be bringing together signals from a lot of platforms and we’ll use some cool pro tools to craft reports on what we’ve been doing to create results for you.

Online Measurement

Digging into your online stats can feel like you got hit by an anchor to the head. We can break down all the data to digestible chunks like figuring out your online goals and reporting on those.

The Good Ol' Fashioned Stuff

We work with our clients to look at key business data to make sure your marketing is aligned with your sales and revenue goals... and if you don't have a business scorecard, we'll help you to create one. We then track those KPIs in a handy-dandy spreadsheet to report on every month with your real-life human account manager!

ROAS, ROI & Other Acronyms

What's your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)? How about your overall Return on Investment (ROI)? How can Cost Per Thousand (CPM) help you evaluate your marketing channel costs? We'll help answer these questions and more!

Call Reporting

We've said it time and time again: If you're paying for marketing and your staff are answering the phone like inebriated teenagers, you might as well throw your money in the ocean. We can not only track calls as a measure on us, but we can also help you set up quality assurance recording to make sure your crew is on-brand and helping -- not hindering -- your marketing efforts.

Why It’s Important

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. You also can’t see that the investment you’ve made in hiring Octopus Creative is paying off, which is why we’re really stoked on analytics. Frankly, this is where we show off, so we’re always going to be coming to you with new sheets and bar charts showing how good we’re doing.

Between 2% – 10%

of revenue should be set aside for marketing, depending on whether your organization is B2B or B2C and whether you’re looking to maintain or grow.


How We Can Help

Even with all its complexities, marketing in the digital age comes with a mountain of opportunities. The insight you can gain from data analysis and the proper reporting can be a huge advantage for your business: more insightful customer data, ever-more informed decision making, and the capability of precise and accurate numbers to prove marketing ROI. Octopus Creative can provide tailored insight, analysis, and reporting to drive business and market intelligence for your organization.

Website Analytics

When your website is up and running, we can start to gather and analyze the data and provide you with the easy to understand reporting to drive business results. Things like goal conversions, user pathways, bounce rates, and so much more, can give you the intelligence you expect from your marketing efforts.

Social Media Analytics

Social media has got more layers than an onion, and we understand how to peel back the layers so you don’t have to tear-up. We mine the data on your social channels to provide you with a deep understanding of your target market, your customers, and your competition. Octopus Creative can provide you with insight specifically relevant to your business.

Advertising Campaign Analytics

No business runs an advertising campaign or sales promotion just to spend money. You expect results from your advertising. By delving into the details of your digital ad campaigns Octopus Creative can provide you with precise lead numbers, ROI & ROAS analytics.

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