The hard part

(that's also the fun part)

Who are your customers? Did you say, “everyone?” Uh huh. Okay. But who are they really? What are your organization’s real strengths, your Unique Selling Proposition? How is technology and the pace of change impacting your industry? Marketing Strategy is asking all the hard questions, finding the even harder answers and pulling off the very-nearly impossible by bringing it all together into something you can actually do in order to achieve marketing goals.

It means:

Finding New Opportunities

Should you be selling your products online? Is there a huge opportunity waiting to be seized two towns over? Can you use your website as a revenue tool? We'll find out.


Grey Goose vodka was going out of business until they made a single change that turned things around: they jacked up their prices. Buyers thought they were getting a luxury brand and now it's in every bar in the world.

Target Audience

Lululemon's ideal customer is a 32-year-old professional single woman who makes $100,000 a year. Her name is Ocean. She's probably better worked out than most real people. You need a customer persona to help you start visualizing your ideal customers.

Channel Strategy

Deciding on a Facebook or Adwords campaign is just the start; you'll want to know that you're getting the most bang for your buck by using the right channels and then being able to measure their impact. If you're a non-profit ask us about how we can help you apply for up to $10,000 a month in advertising for free!

Automation & Digital Strategy

Technology doesn't just mean better marketing, it can also speed up the sales process. We'll take a holistic view of your company's processes and find ways that automation and technology can make things better.

Ongoing Marketing Sidekickery

We're your sidekick, so we don't disappear after we get your website online. We'll keep optimizing your brand presence, keeping it up to date with new developments and seizing new opportunities.


Is everything from the way you greet a customer to your invoicing system working to drive marketing results? We'll help you make sure it is.

Why It’s Important

Marketing Strategy is where all the work you’ve done on Branding starts to change the way your business works for the better. It’s also where a bunch of people who do the marketing thing for a living (that’s us- hi!) get to unleash themselves on your business, and we always find ways to do things more awesomer. Always.

Marketers who document strategy are 538%

more likely to report success than those who don’t.


How We Can Help

Getting smart about marketing (or ‘smarketing’)

Marketing Strategy, Branding & Ongoing Marketing Consultation

How often are you thinking about your 6 Ps of marketing? Product, price, promotion, place and branding all have to align with your overall strategy to communicate effectively on any channel, digital or otherwise. Let’s partner so you can reap the rewards of our mad marketing skills!

P.S. not too sure what the other 2 Ps are? Chat us up!

Advertising Campaign Design & Execution

Extra, Extra! Truth is, the majority of people won’t find your tiny coupon in the logo soup of not-so-effective newspaper ads. Instead, let Octopus Creative design and execute modern, highly-targeted advertising campaigns and promotions devised to optimize the use of your marketing dollars.

Social Contest Planning & Execution

How do you make a body shop fun to follow on social? Well, we know! A great contest can achieve so many goals at once. It can generate word-of-mouth and top-of-mind awareness for your brand, it can crowdsource original content for your business, it can incent people to purchase more from you. We deal with it all, from technology design to rule writing to advertising & execution.



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