Stand out like a starfish

in a sea full of barnacles

‘Branding’ is another word for ‘making a logo’.


Branding is an intense, involved process of finding out what your organization ought to mean to people. Yes, logo design is involved, and it’s kind of important, but the real work of branding happens when you’re sat around a table (boardroom or barroom, doesn’t matter) and figuring out what you want people to feel when they come into contact with your brand. Everything else flows from there:


Did you know that Kraft Food went through 10,000 names for their imitation whipped cream product before settling on Cool Whip? Names are hard.


Everything from whether you use the Oxford Comma to how you answer the phone to how you spell your name.


You thought names were hard, wait until you try to encapsulate your company in a single phrase that doesn't sound weird.

logo design

Your logo is at the foundation of your brand and we actively encourage using Microsoft paint to create one. Trust the pros.


Red and black isn't blue and white isn't green and yellow... Every colour has a psychological impact on us land-dwelling homosapiens.

mission statement

'Make a bunch of money and buy a dune buggy' isn't going to inspire your employees and it's going to actively repel your customers.

brand guidelines

Keeping everything consistent is how you keep people coming back for more.


Is your company letterhead on-brand? How about your business cards? What about your company's reception area?

Why It’s Important

Get branding right and you’ll have an organization that people want to interact with. Do you know how rare that is these days? People are sick of corporate messaging getting in the way of the content that they enjoy- if you’ve ever hovered over the ‘Skip Ad’ button on a Youtube video then you’ll know what we mean. The challenge in 2019 and beyond is to create a brand that doesn’t make people cringe and actively occupies a portion of their headspace.

ON AVERAGE, 5 to 7

Brand impressions are needed before somebody will remember your brand.


How We Can Help

So how do you get there? Repetition, consistency and the undefinable x-factor that makes a brand stick. Let’s take a look at the toolkit we’ll use to get you there:

Copywriting, Mission Statement Development & More

Every great brand starts with a great mission. It’s a foundational element of your brand. Coming up with a mission statement that you want to share with the world is a process, and we know how to facilitate that process with small or large groups to come up with a mission that is both meaningful and memorable


Have you ever been in Burger King, ordered a Whopper and a Coke and been asked whether Pepsi is okay? Notice how when you think ‘fizzy cola beverage’ you instinctively go for Coca Cola, despite PepsiCo spending close to two billion dollars on advertising each year? That’s what we in the business call ‘top-of-mind awareness’, and that comes from a strong brand identity. Octopus Creative can help you with everything from strategic logo design, taglines, brand guidelines, visual branding elements, and more.

graphic & Print Design

Integrated marketing requires a consistent brand across digital and traditional media. Our crew can take our awesome design skills, and translate those for your print mediums – posters, brochures, billboards, business cards, menus, flyers, invitations and… well, there’s just too many to list!



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