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Since 2016, Octopus Creative has grown from three friends in a serviced office in Bonnyville, sharing a hallway with a hair salon, to a full team of specialists in branding, web and social media across two offices in Alberta.

These folks do the work of making your brand amazing. They're broken down into...


Every social media post and every bit of written work, video, photography, infographics and advertising is Content. These guys are also responsible for the nitty-gritty of your strategy.


Making you look good since 2016. Design focuses on the visual user experience of websites for the Tech guys to put into code, as well as reams of brand collateral that could be anything from logos to business cards.

Deep Dive


Everything you’re seeing originated in Content and was made pretty by Design, but the people who really made it were in Tech, who get into the nuts and bolts of not just translating Design’s designs into HTML, but coding eCommerce and content management solutions that work for our clients.


Co-Founder & Director of Business


Co-Founder & Creative Director


Social Media Coordinator


Content Strategist


Junior Marketer


Graphic Designer




Chief Happiness Officer

We're a cool place to work too, with plentiful laser-tag tournaments, Dairy Queen binges and pretty sweet office spaces. Plus we treat our employees right in terms of health insurance, vacations, and generally not being jerks to them.

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