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Have you ever met somebody younger than fifty who had no social media presence? Do they even exist? According to one study, anglophone Canadians spend a full day per week on social media, with 18-39-year-olds spending thirty-six hours a week. If your organization’s social strategy is a Facebook page that half your company follows and that gets updated maybe five times a year, then you’re not really taking advantage of a platform with more than two billion active users and constantly evolving functionality.

So what does Social Media Marketing involve?

Strategy and Set-up

An oilfield services company doesn't necessarily need to be on Instagram, a fashion line can't afford not to be. Use what works, and cut the rest. Social media is a marketing tool, and just like any good marketing it should be based on strategy, not slapstick memes.

Content Creation

Okay, you're set up on social media- what's next? One of the biggest things we hear from clients is, "what do I post?!" and we can help out with that.

Social Advertising

Social networks offer some amazing ways to micro-target potential, and even existing, customers with full-featured multimedia advertising.


If you don't have the time to favourite every positive comment or reply to every incoming message then we've got your back: everything from auto-responders to AI chatbots can be used to do the hard work for you -- or just regular, good ol' fashioned humans.

Why It’s Important

If you want to reach customers, you need to go to where they are, and the one place they’re guaranteed to be is on social media. It’s also a place where there is huge scope for getting creative, and major potential to have your messages go viral. There’s also the potential to screw up massively and have your failure shared with the world.

We’ve been doing the social thing since Nexopia was a thing, and so far we haven’t gone full Milkshake Duck, so you can trust that your social presence is in good hands.


of online Canadians are on at least 1 social media network


How We Can Help

Social Media Advertising

Social media can be powerful, and we understand the inherent complexities, algorithms and layers of each platform. It can make or break an organization, an idea, or an event. Our collaborative software paired with our social media ad management services from Certified Facebook Blueprint pros, lets you focus on your organization while we focus on getting the most out of social for you.

Social Media Setup & Optimization

Social media is a vast ocean, and setting up your channels for success takes a great map and an even better shipmate. Octopus Creative can navigate the technicalities, provide you with your initial design, and even give you a custom plan to reach new heights on social.

Social Media Content Strategy

A custom strategy is so much better than slapstick social media marketing. Octopus Creative can be your sidekick in developing a kick-a$$ social marketing strategy that actually works for your business.

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