Ever been to the second page

of Google results?

Search ‘kitty sleeping in a boot’ and in 0.69 seconds Google will find 3,800,000 web pages, parsing an incalculable number of on-page and off-page cues through a complex, secret algorithm to bring you…

Okay, that’s adorable.

There are whole agencies devoted to the art and science of search engine optimization, college courses you can do in the subject, research papers written. It’s complex. You can be the number one search result one day and on the fiftieth page the next, and you’re never going to know why because the algorithms that decide which search result goes where are top secret, and even the biggest search engine experts on the planet are just guessing at how it all works. Also, there are two major search engines, and they’re not the same.

Here’s just a sampling of what SEO involves:

Link Building

Every page that links to yours is a vote in its favour, especially when it comes from sites that have a lot of votes themselves. There are shady ways to do this that you don't want, and nice honest ways that do.

Online Listings

Remember back in the day when Yahoo! had a directory of literally all the websites? Online directories aren't like that any more, but there are plenty out there that can drive engaged web users to your business.

Review Management

Nobody likes a bad review, especially Google, and especially customers. There's no way to just scrub bad reviews from the internet, but there are plenty of ways to do damage control, and even turn a customer's bad experience good.

Website Optimization

Pages that are fast and secure do better than pages that are slow and insecure- and that's just the basics.


Mobile search is a whole other game, and optimizing pages for mobile viewers is vital in today's internet ecosystem.


Content. We hear the word constantly. What it actually means is the 'stuff' that makes your site -- the copywriting, images, alt tags, meta descriptions and [insert technobabble here] -- it all matters to search engines.

Why It’s Important

You want people to see your website, right? More importantly, you want the right people -potential customers- to see your website, right? SEO is what gets you there. Ignoring SEO, or doing it so badly that search engines actually penalize you, will completely cut you off some the significant percentage of customers that start the search for whatever it is you make or do.


of online experiences begin with a search engine

How We Can Help


On Page SEO

Getting to the top of search rankings is a little more involved than filling your page footer with BEST MARKETING COMPANY EVER and TOP MARKETING COMPANY IN ALL OF CANADA. We can write SEO-friendly content on your website, make sure your site is crawlable, and do a lot of other on-page work that will help you climb the ranks without getting penalized for spamming.

Blogging & Content Creation

Have you ever been to Beercade in Edmonton? (If you haven’t, and you’re a nerdy-hipster blend like us, we totally recommend it!) We’ll use this analogy to describe why content and blogs are important: consider Google as PAC-MAN and content as the pellets he consumes.  The more content you feed to Google, the happier he is, helping you get to the next level. 

Off Page SEO

Is your website submitted to major website directories? Is your GMB profile claimed and verified? Is your contact information correct and consistent? Is everything linking together correctly? All of this, and a thousand other things, matter.

Ok, you can stop searching. You've found us 🐠


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