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Is doing good the primary purpose of your company? Yeah? Then we want to work with you.

Non-profits face unique challenges when it comes to marketing, and we've experienced them all. Being reliant on government and corporate grants and the goodwill of the public means that every penny has to count, and stakeholders need to be engaged every step of the way. It's also easy for one particular organization to get lost during busy periods like the holidays.

Non-profit companies can be anything from:


This is what most people think of when they think of non-profits. Organizations that effect change on a local, national or international scale and turn funding into opportunity.  We’ve worked with plenty, and it’s something that makes us feel all warm and tingly inside.

Arts & Culture Organizations

If you turn donations and grants into shows, exhibitions, tourists or other coolness for people to enjoy then we just might be the perfect sidekick for you. We can set up ticketing and promotion systems for your events and get your name out to the world.

Business Organizations

It’s like a arts organization only for business. From Chambers of Commerce to EDOs- they exist to support other businesses with expertise. We can get your name in front of the right people. Being entrepreneurs ourselves we know how valuable your organizations can be.

Travel and Tourism

Groups dedicated to driving tourism to certain areas present some unique (and cool) challenges. For one, you’re probably not marketing to a small geographical area- you could be promoting your region to the whole world.

Indigenous Organizations

As Canadians, some of whom have Indigenous heritage, we really want to be able to give back to Indigenous and Métis people. We’ve already partnered with Fishing Lake Métis Settlement to create not just a website but a community hub for one of the country’s original settlements for the Metis People, and we’d love to deepen and expand our links with this community.

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What We Can Do

The biggest advantage a non-profit can have is a strong public profile—you need a tribe of followers who are engaged with what you’re doing, who will share your fundraising appeals and get involved with donations. In 2019, that means a professional-looking website, an engaged social media following and ways to generate revenue online: from easy payment systems and text-to-donate functionality.

You don’t need to be spending your organization’s funds on a large internal marketing department when we can figure out ways to get your message out there for far less, and much more effectively. Making Octopus Creative your marketing sidekick could be the best thing you’ll ever do for your non-profit.