Content is king.

It ain't no Game of Thrones

This is content. This, right here, the words you’re reading, the images on this page, are content. They’re being written days, weeks, months before you read them by somebody who can still taste the snicker-doodle cheesecake he just ate. Every catalogue, every flier, every email, every photograph, every radio and TV ad, it’s all content.

This too, is content (of a more embarrassing nature for Ash)

It’s important to keep producing original, fresh content to communicate your brand, highlight your uniqueness and, of course, to help you make a splash with your marketing–online and offline. Here’s what it is:

Content Strategy

How should your brand sound? What should you be blogging about? How should you disseminate information for your audiences?


Nope, this isn't about putting a (c) symbol on the end of your tagline. It's sitting down and writing blog posts, social media posts, emails and so much more, from now until forever. And it's kind of fun.


This is also content, thirty times a second. Video is one of the most powerful ways to promote a brand in the contemporary world, anything from three-second GIFs to animated videos that highlight your USP to the world.


This is content too. We develop the visual strategy and utilize trusted professional photographers who can create a photographic style for your company and a bank of images that we'll use to create your brand. We've also got a cool 360-degree camera to create images that you can move around in.

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Why It’s Important

How could this stuff not be important? Even when social media has eroded people’s attention spans they’re still sitting down to read and endlessly scroll through images on Instagram. People are probably reading and viewing more images nowadays than they ever have in human history, and it’s important to get good at it. And not just to impress some search engine bot that reads your entire site in a hundredth of a second, but because it can genuinely communicate your brand to customers.

Content Marketing 

creates 3x more leads than paid search

How We Can Help

Content Planning & Strategy

Great content doesn’t just magically happen. It takes a strategic plan. Octopus Creative provides clients with full content maps and calendars to get your content working for you instead of you stressing about that next post.

Graphic Design

This is content too. Our team of talented designers can create banner ads, social media graphics, print media, infographics and everything in between.


That’s right, it’s copywriting. Let’s just be a little blunt about this one thing first, if your agency or website builder is spelling it ‘copy writing’ (we’ve even seen it spelt ‘coptywriting’) they’re probably not copywriters. Using writing as a creative medium to communicate your brand is a killer tool when done right. Great writing leaves people wanting more and on the flip-side, grammatical errors can really turn people off. We’ll help you with copywriting… and we’ll spell it right too!

Photography, Videography & 360-Degree Virtual Tours

Photographs and video are effective tools when it comes to communicating your brand value to the market, optimizing your search engine presence and ultimately, in driving leads. Our clients reap the rewards of photography services at a fraction of the cost of photo studios and we were one of the 1st Google Business View Trusted Agencies in northeastern Alberta.

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