Because everyone is online...

except goldfish

You might think that emails, search engine ads and the like are snake oil. And yet, online advertising is a $270 billion dollar industry. Clearly, this stuff is working for somebody, and getting it to work for you means cutting through the noise with messages that are clear, direct and powerful. It also means knowing enough about your audience to find your niches–because advertising to “everyone” is way too expensive.

So let’s cut through some of the buzz words and tell you what “digital marketing” actually means:


We'll build a list of the right people, segment it and craft powerful, visually stunning emails that they won't delete.

Search Engine Marketing

Search for something, almost anything, and you'll probably see three or more results with little green [AD] boxes by them. Somebody paid for those to be there, and they actually work to drive leads to your business.

Social Media Marketing

You can build anything from simple text ads to fully-featured multimedia experiences in today's social media platforms, and micro-target them to the most obscure niche audiences you could imagine.

Display Advertising

From postage-stamp sized static images to animated ads - display advertising can be cool if it's done right.

Website Design

Got to make it all look good, right? As you'll see from this site and our Portfolio (link), we like using cool techniques to craft bespoke web experiences that work on PCs, tablets and mobile phones (and pretty soon: VR.)


There's more to websites than what you can see. Google takes cues from the visible and invisible parts of your website, so it's important that smart people (*cough* us *cough*) optimize your site to make it easy for people to find.

Why It’s Important

There isn’t much that can’t be sold online, from physical products to bottles of fresh air from Lake Louise for smog-addled Chinese citizens (for real, check it out), but if your business plan is to get a website and wait for people to come to you then you’ve got a better chance selling door-to-door. How about doing everything possible to get people in front of your organization and drive results? We can figure out the mix of techniques that works with what you want to do and implement it right.

If you’re a non-profit then there are even more options open to you when it comes to driving donations, engaging volunteers and getting your message out there – call us to find out more.


Of digital media time is spent on mobile devices


How We Can Help

Spraying and praying doesn’t work when it comes to advertising- so what does? The first thing is a strong brand- all the online marketing in the world won’t help a company that people don’t connect with.

Responsive Website Design

With mobile internet use on the rise, having a website design that can be viewed on multiple devices is only going to become more important as the years go on. OK, so, we’re not optimizing websites for sunglasses yet, but give us a couple years and we’re sure the technology will get us there!

Website Analytics & Reporting

Marketing doesn’t have to be a game of guesswork anymore. As far as we’re concerned, marketing channels should be able to give you measurable numbers to show you how marketing affects your bottom line and business goals. Our digital marketing solutions give you precise and intelligent data that you can actually use.

Search Engine Optimization

Billions of online searches are performed each month in Canada, and to be blunt, your potential customers aren’t just typing your company name into search engines. They’re asking Alexa & Google Home, they’re searching for things “near me” and our solutions can help your organization get found on search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

Advertising works, but only if you’re advertising to the right person at the right time. At Octopus Creative, we take a strategic marketing approach to designing and executing everything from Google Adwords campaigns to website ad buys, helping you achieve awesomeness.


And Get an eight-armed sidekick instead

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