Like we said,

everybody has a website

Web Design is super easy: just get a drag-and-drop website builder account, put some blocks together and profit.

Yeah. No.

This site, and all the good ones out there, were hand-coded by people who know what they’re doing. Web design is hard, and designing a site that wows, that doesn’t just fade into the background of however many dozen tabs a user has open, that’s even harder. So here’s what it actually means:

Brand Integration

If we're doing the rest of our job (like SEO) right then a whole bunch of people are going to first encounter your brand online, so we make sure that your whole brand experience is seamless.

Mobile Compatibility

More than half of the visits to your site are coming from mobile devices, so you need to be ready with a responsive design that adapts to any screen size.

Blogging & Content

Google just hates it when sites aren't updated regularly, and unless you're regularly creating content you're going to lose out in search engine performance.


Selling online? There are off-the-rack programs that can work without having to code an Amazon-style system so that you can sell online.

Cool Stuff

Video, interactivity, parallax scrolling, graphical effects, cool emojis like this bee: 🐝. We love to push the boundaries.

Hosting & Support

Does your website platform get updated? Do you have SSL security? Does your previous website builder send you an invoice every time you send them an email? These are all important questions we answer, and you should too.

Why It’s Important

Everybody has a website, but hardly anybody has a good website — except our clients — and it reflects on an organization. If you don’t care about how you appear to customers then customers won’t care about you, and you’ll lose out on ways to dominate search engine rankings, drive leads and reinforce your brand with content that engages people.

21st-century marketing is tough; things are always evolving, and guidance on how to even get started is dominated by clickbaity articles with titles like 200 Marketing Tips You NEED To Know If You Want Your Business To Even Survive The Week. We’ll be there to guide you through it.


of people will stop engaging with a website if the content and layout are unattractive


How We Can Help

We’ve been going there and doing that for a long time now, and in our relatively short time being a company, Octopus Creative has done a thousand different things for dozens of organizations. Web design is a constantly evolving mess of new standards and techniques, and the only rule is that you can pretty much do anything you like (just look at Awwwards for how far you can push your web browser.) We like pushing the boundaries too, all the while keeping focused on pushing your brand out there and pulling customers in.

Responsive Website Design

Your web design should be as unique as your business is. When Octopus Creative designs a website for our clients we think about more than just what it looks like, we think about your website users and how it all functions as part of your overall strategy.

Managed Hosting, Domains & Support

You’re busy, and we get that. You don’t want to have to worry about your website while you’re out there growing your organization or organizing AGMs. With all of our web design services, we provide the management, hosting, customization and support that you need, when you need it- and it’s all hosted on Canadian servers that you can rely on.

Branded E-mail

If you’re still using email domains that aren’t customized to your business, you’re sending a mixed message to the market. Present a unified brand to your target market with branded email services that we’ll help you set up! @yourcompanynameshouldbehere.ca

Content Management Solutions

Got web coding experience? Well if you’re like 90% of people you probably don’t. Don’t worry, that’s where Octopus Creative comes in! We use the latest technology to make collaboratively managing your website a breeze.



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