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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search engine optimization is best described using an analogy: If your website is the car, then SEO is the wheels. It’s what actually makes the car go. There’s a reason the wheels aren’t square. When we partner with our clients we think about all the things needed for modern SEO – keywords, metatags, listing, linking, social, design and all the technobabble in between


Website SEO

Website SEO
We plan SEO strategies at the outset whenever we build a website for our clients. We think about it all: the content, keywords, architecture, URLs, titles and code needed for organic SEO success. Just like we #SayNoToSprayAndPray we just can’t handle throw-it-together websites. . . then again, neither can search engines.


Online SEO

Online SEO
When your website moves into the online neighbourhood, it needs to get along with its neighbours. That’s why we also offer services that work in the online world to get you website traffic. We provide everything from linking, listing services and local optimization to social media management and content creation.


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