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LinkedIn Launches New Company Pages




Dec 26, 2016

LinkedIn Launches New Company Pages

Social Media has been increasing in popularity for years now. With the introduction of Facebook years ago, various social media platforms have popped up ever since, trying to gain the same popularity that Facebook still controls today. Occasionally, there are a few that stick around, Twitter and Instagram for example. But then there are the ones that seem to get lost at sea. Does anyone remember MySpace?

More and more, our world and the internet are colliding at high speed. Using Social Media as a marketing tool has opened an entirely new world of opportunities. More and more, businesses can take advantage of this unique platform to increase their audience reach and have the capability to interact with customers individually.

LinkedIn has slowly become an incredible tool for the business world. A social media platform dedicated to networking, specifically for the business community. Your LinkedIn profile is essentially an incredibly in-depth version of your resume. It emphasizes your skills, employment history, and education. You’re able to ‘connect’ with current and past co-workers, professional acquaintances, and classmates. Networking has always been an integral part of building your career and opening doors for you. With LinkedIn, you have the ability to endorse your connections skills, which can impact their future career options.

Through LinkedIn, you’re able to build and maintain a professional network. You’re able to reconnect with colleagues and classmates, and it offers you information about companies and industries that will help you further your career.

Understanding that businesses require more specific options to expand their Company Page, LinkedIn has decided to build a new experience in Company Pages. With a brand new design that makes it easier to introduce your company to other LinkedIn members, more companies will be able to use this to their advantage. Now, you’ll be able to have a dedicated admin experience, with an expanded analytics dashboard to make it easier to track the impact of your content, and to optimize the performance of your company page.

The best part? LinkedIn will automatically transfer all your existing page content over to the new Company Page layout – all you have to do is to upload a cover image, update your company logo, and add a tagline for your business.

The admin centre is entirely designed to make it easier for you. Within the admin view, directly on each post, you will be able to find the number of impressions, the engagement percentage, number of clicks and how many social actions occurred on each post. The left-hand side tracks your engagement for the past seven days, giving you a brief overview of the week. The analytics section provides detailed report on each post, on every single day, this will be an incredible opportunity for businesses to understand who they’re reaching, and what kind of content goes over best with their networking community.

The opportunity is there to increase your reach easily, and gain more networking connections, which will be an incredible option for furthering your businesses.

As always, LinkedIn has been about building your professional network. Turning professional relationships into opportunities can make all the difference for small businesses. Octopus Creative is pumped to learn the ropes of LinkedIn’s new Company Pages! Are you as pumped as we are?

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