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It’s so much more than memes on Facebook. Social media is a word-of-mouth generator, a public relations platform, an effective advertising tool and a customer insight engine. Let us help to amplify your organization to a targeted audience and drive business results! We offer custom social media management and marketing solutions to meet your unique needs.


Social Media Management

Social Media Management
Social media can be powerful, and we understand the inherent complexities, algorithms and layers of each platform. It can make or break an organization, an idea, or an event. Our social media management services let you focus on your business while we focus fully on the day-to-day management and overall strategy of your social media channels.


Campaigns, Contests & Promotions

Campaigns, Contests & Promotions
Whether you’re looking to build your email list, generate sales, or get people in the door, a well-executed social media campaign can do the trick. Octopus Creative can do it all, from contest rules to custom Facebook tabs and landing pages. Let’s put our ideas to work for you.


Social Media Setup

Social Media Setup
Social media is a vast ocean and setting up your channels for success takes a great map and an even better shipmate. Octopus Creative can navigate the technicalities, provide your initial design, and even give you a custom plan to reach new heights on social.


Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy
Custom strategy is so much better than slapstick social media marketing. Octopus Creative can be your sidekick in developing a kick-ass social marketing strategy that actually works for your business.


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