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7 Signs Your Calgary Startup Could Benefit from Expert SEO Services




Jun 12, 2018

7 Signs Your Calgary Startup Could Benefit from Expert SEO Services

Often when a new startup gets off the ground, the owner takes over a large amount of the daily tasks to ensure they are done correctly.

This can work for a while but eventually becomes overbearing and stressful. Responsibilities like marketing, branding, and SEO lose effectiveness because more time is spent on keeping your customers happy and running the day-to-day operations of your business.

While things like SEO can easily be set aside, if a business truly wants to grow, they will need to be passed on to an expert who can dedicate the time and effort this process requires.

Taking full advantage of SEO and using it to bring in new clients is difficult if you don’t have any prior experience. Here are seven signs your Calgary startup could benefit from hiring expert SEO services.

1. You Aren’t Using Social Media for SEO

Effective social media use is one of the most vital aspects of business success in this digital age. A key marketing tactic is to seek out your customers in their natural habitat. Social media platforms are the place to find them.

Sharing engaging posts with quality content will attract attention and lead traffic to your website and service pages. Social media sites update frequently and have high relevancy for search engines, so using them can significantly boost your search ranking.

A company with expert SEO services can assist you in managing your social media campaigns, making them more eye-catching and attractive.

2. You Received an SEO Penalty

Many people may not know this, but Google can and will punish companies by penalizing their search rankings if they are breaking search optimization rules.

Wait, Google has SEO rules?!

Yes, search engine sites have standards to be followed, and they will quickly deflate your incoming traffic if they find that you are ignoring them. Issues like plagiarized content, duplicate posts, and overusing keywords will put you on a fast track to the bottom of Google’s ranking list.

Luckily, none of these problems is irreversible, but the necessary steps need to be taken to get you back into these search engines’ good graces and back towards the first page.

3. You’re Just Focused on Content

Content is important, and there is no denying that. But more important than simply sharing a post on your blog, is determining whether your content is of high enough quality for your readers. An SEO marketing expert will be able to use insightful software that can determine what people want to know within your niche and how they are searching for it.

This information allows you to choose useful topics and headings that will pull more customers to your blog. Expert SEO services can even provide you with specific details regarding your top competitors’ search engine strategies.

Don’t stop creating content, but ensure that whatever you are producing is reaching the standard your viewers are willing to read through.

4. SEO Isn’t a Priority

Let’s face it, running a business can be an extremely time-consuming venture. While you are trying to take care of current customers, managing employees, and doing payroll, it is easy to let things like marketing and SEO go by the wayside.

If SEO has fallen so low on your priority list that it’s no longer part of your day-to-day routine, then it is time to bring in an expert. Having a dedicated team prepared to manage it for you will relieve a major load of stress and allow you to focus on your other important tasks.

A good SEO company will still keep you informed of updates, stats, and website changes they have made. They understand it is your business and you deserve to be aware of how their efforts are improving your search ranking.

5. You Can’t Keep Up With SEO Changes

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing. Unless you work in the industry, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the seemingly endless updates. Teams who provide expert SEO services are continuously researching and learning more about how their clients can benefit from the most recent changes.

Very few business owners have the time necessary to keep up with these ever-changing rules and standards. Once this becomes a burden, it may be time to look for an SEO marketing company

6. The Keywords You Chose Aren’t Working

Keywords are a still a key part of an effective SEO plan. These are the terms that individuals use to find what they are looking for on the web. Search results for some keywords range in hundreds of thousands, causing inflated amounts of businesses vying for them on their web copy and blog posts.

Knowing the words to use and avoiding vague and overused terms are just a couple of ways an SEO marketing expert can help you. If you previously chose words that are too general, your SEO team will be able to narrow them down and find a more specific niche that will increase your search results.

7. Your Local Ranking is Low

Whether you run a hometown business or offer online services all over the world, your local ranking is crucial to being found by potential clients. One of the first steps to improve this is to establish a Google My Business page. This page will provide loads of relevant information such as a link to your website, hours, contact information, and customer reviews.

If you haven’t already claimed your listing, an expert SEO services provider will be able to set this up and manage it for you. They will ensure all of the necessary details are included and keep it up-to-date.

Expert SEO Services for Your Business

If you have been trying to maintain your SEO alone and are struggling to keep it afloat, then throw yourself a life preserver by hiring an expert SEO services provider for your business.

To get started and schedule in your free consultation, please fill out our Marketing Discovery Form.

Or if you have a burning question or want to know more about what we can do for you, feel free to contact us.

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