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Want to be an Entrepreneur?  Quit Your Day Job and Gear-Up!




Apr 12, 2016

Want to be an Entrepreneur?  Quit Your Day Job and Gear-Up!

Has any entrepreneur ever had it easy? Where everything goes exactly as planned?  If our team were answering that question we would all be simultaneously shouting out a big “hell no!”

As much as we’re all thrilled to have finally launched Octopus Creative, it has been a tumultuous and long path to get to this point.  We felt as though the world were raining down bricks to put up walls at every turn.  We were told that it would never succeed in an economic downturn. We got those, “Wow, that’s good for you,” comments while at the same time they stared at us as if we were running around naked, flailing our appendages. We were refused service by a legal professional.  We had someone whom we trusted try to undercut us and monetize on our ideas.  Heck, we’ve even quit our day jobs, alleviating us of any type of stable income. Let’s just say, that every single one of us shed a tear throughout this whole journey.

Not to mention the countless 16-hour days, the sleepless nights, the back and forth debating between us partners, and the development of a few grey hairs and bald spots for all us 20-something-year-olds.

You’re probably asking, “was it worth it?” This is where we’d all chime in with a big, “hell yeah!” Well, except for the grey hair and balding part! 

Now, we’re gearing up and already working with half a dozen clients and we achieved 50% of our first-month sales goals within the first 3 days of the month, and we hadn’t even truly launched yet!  We have a lawyer who believes in our business, who has our backs and even talks to us without sending an invoice for each and every millisecond. We have character-based financing with two years of business mentorship through Futurpreneur Canada and the BDC. We have an incredible team, a strong business plan, great services and processes, amazing support networks, and even better clients.

The only thing you have to do to become an entrepreneur is believe in everything you know you’re capable of achieving.  Don’t let others stand in the way of following your dreams.  It’s a big world out there – so go grab it by the tentacles!


The Crew @ Octopus Creative

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