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How To Pick The Right Marketing Agency In Alberta For Your Business




Dec 21, 2016

How To Pick The Right Marketing Agency In Alberta For Your Business

Marketing agencies aren’t a one size fits all type of business. Each company has a unique philosophy, approach, and style. The key to a successful partnership with a marketing agency in Alberta is to find the one whose values align with yours. You want to feel comfortable, and you want to trust the marketing team that you choose. Remember, you’re selecting an entire team, not just an individual! You will have a whole crew of people that will be helping you sail your ship towards reaching your business goals.

What Do You Need?

The first step you should take before you even begin to look into hiring a marketing agency is to determine what your goals are. Do you want a new website? What functionalities does that website require? Being able to run an online store has an entirely separate set of needs compared to a lead generation website. Are you considering email marketing? What about branding? If you’re in need of a new logo, you know that the marketing agency you choose will require a graphic designer on staff to meet your requirements.

Explore The Ocean

Explore and research the agencies that you are considering. Who have they worked with in the past? Take a peek at their portfolio. Does their style of work align with your wants and needs? Another excellent way to gain a better understanding of how each marketing agency works is to watch their corporate blog, website, and social media presence. If you’re feeling inquisitive, look up their staff on social media too! LinkedIn will give you information on each individual’s qualifications, which can be beneficial. Perhaps you will find commonalities to help you connect on a personal level – which in turn, will help you achieve your goals!

Remove Your Eyepatch

It’s always best to have a specific project in mind but remain open to new ideas. Remove that eyepatch! Communicating with your chosen agency is key – and that communication has to go both ways. Our job as a marketing agency in Alberta is to ensure that you reach your marketing and business goals, and sometimes that requires thinking outside of the box and going a different direction than you had initially planned.

Find The Starfish in a Sea Full of Barnacles

Check references. Speak with the agencies that you’re considering, and ask to email or speak with previous and current clients. When conducting these pseudo-interviews, ensure to ask the right questions. Dive in and discover the quality of communication, the challenges, and how the company handled all situations. Are they quick to respond to emails and phone calls or does it take a few days to get a response? How do they handle difficult situations?

Marketing Solutions That Stick!

When hiring a marketing agency, think of it as though you’re hiring a new employee. You want to ensure that your personalities mesh well and you can work well together. You’re creating a partnership, and the only way a partnership can succeed is to keep the lines of communication open. Ensure that you’re direct in your needs, at the same time, understanding their scope of expertise. You want marketing solutions that stick!

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