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Release The Kraken! Facebook For Business 102



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Mar 21, 2019

Release The Kraken! Facebook For Business 102

Did you know if the legendary Kraken was a real-life animal instead of a merely a myth, it would be a living relative of today’s octopus (go figure)? Both are classified as being a cephalopod, or a larger-than-life, predatory sea creature with a bilateral body, distinctive head and set of arms or tentacles in this case. In ancient mythology and as seen recently on the silver screen and throughout historic literature, the word Kraken translates to “head-feet” filtered through the Greek language.

Release the Kraken!” was the phrase used to summon this mighty, imaginary beast from its underwater lair to reign terror on the open seas back in the olden days.

Just as sailors once got lost at sea during the distant past, navigating through social media marketing strategies is confusing, but luckily we have many tools, tricks and tips available, especially when using Facebook that will guide businesses to the shores of success on the internet. 

How We Successfully Set Sail

Here at Octopus Creative, think of us as a direct cousin to the Kraken as we’re fighting and conquering the stormy waters of online social media marketing. This is what we do.

The Captains of this crew (our three co-founders) are truly passionate about their position at the helm of our marketing ship.

You know that old saying, “Don’t take our word for it,” but in this case, maybe you should. Take a look at some of these lines from our trio of Admirals, like Rob who reports:

“A gamer and true geek, I started building websites when I was eleven about the same time Google was born. Finally, I can merge my passion for business development, management and sales with modern marketing. I love a good challenge and problem solving is what I do. Every business we work with gives me a jolt of pure excitement.”

Fellow-founder and graphically-gifted, Ashleigh shares a similar passion for her job when she’s creating beautiful and breathtaking designs. Her custom creations will highlight your brand in ways that better connect with today’s consumers online.

Jon appreciates a good pun now and then (or far too often) given his wry sense of humour. He remembers how the quote “Grab life by the tentacles” really put the wind in his sails, and says:

“That’s exactly what this company means to me. It is about grabbing hold of opportunity — for ourselves and for our clients — so that together we can take over the world (not really, but I like to think I’m funny).”

The rest of our crew shares the same commitment to your continued success with a team of experts in branding, marketing, social media and digital marketing.

Just like the formation of a perfect storm, it’s rare when all of these different factors come together to drive drastically better results for your organization

As you can see, we’re really proud of our business, brand and staff –including our furry, four-legged Chief Happiness Officer, Lucy. We want to share this same type of pride and passion about your industry, brand and business with the whole world on the web. So enough about us already, let’s get down to some of the brass tacks of social media marketing on Facebook.

Quick Tip: Business is Personal

It may seem like a no-brainer for a brand to choose a business account versus a personal page on Facebook, but there are things to think about with your own personal page — like your personal brand.

So to get started, business accounts can run ads and gain followers, whereas a personal account you “friend” people. It’s also important to note that a Business Page let’s you set up and highlight the things you need, like a website address, a founding date, messaging automation and much more. Whereas a personal account will allow you to enter your birthday and gender — which, let’s be honest, can seem strange coming from a brand.

If you’ve got a tremendous personal brand that you want to leverage, a great option for you is to set up a Public Figure Page. This will give you many of the tools you can find on a Business Page, but will highlight your personal brand… and allow you to advertise with your personal brand attached!

Charting Your Course

For an excellent resource on the daily, weekly and monthly tasks to perform on social media to make the most of it, download this Social Media Checklist on our website.

Inside you’ll find an easy-to-use checklist for what businesses need to be doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to “seaze” control of social media.

Up Your Game in our Facebook Workshop

If you need help learning how to engage your audience, get tix for our Facebook Workshop today.

Whether you’re looking for overall guidance in a group, or if you want some one-on-one advice with our Facebook Blueprint Certified pro, this Facebook workshop can totally help you out and we’ve got different ticket types to work with your budget and needs.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this event:

  • Content Ideation
  • Content planning and storytelling
  • Facebook groups for business
  • Contest planning essentials
  • Introduction to using Facebook ads more effectively

What’s on the horizon? For you, you’re just a workshop away from setting a solid foundation to more effectively managing your Facebook page and engaging your audience.

For us, we’ll be hosting a pro Facebook workshop in May and June that is all about Facebook ads (But really, this one is all for you too šŸ˜‰)

On the other hand, if you want some pros (our word for geeks) in your marketing wheelhouse, we’re here for you.

SendĀ usĀ aĀ messageĀ inĀ aĀ bottleĀ and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

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