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Clever Business Cards: Top 12 Best, Most Creative Designs Ever Created




Apr 1, 2019

Clever Business Cards: Top 12 Best, Most Creative Designs Ever Created

Even though it seems today’s technology has taken over when it comes to connecting with consumers, don’t jump ship when it comes to the use of business cards. According to recent statistics, 72% of potential customers will judge a company by the quality of their business cards. When it comes to traditionally printed cards, further stats share:

  • Colour cards are preferred by almost 80% of consumers over more ordinary black-and-white ones
  • Nearly 40% of customers won’t do business with a company that has “cheap-looking” cards

When it comes to the design of these cards, no one wants their business or brand to appear ordinary or cheap, especially when it comes to the vital contact information printed on these popular handouts. In this light, let’s look at a dozen of the best, most creative business cards ever designed that threw traditional concepts overboard.

1. A Grate Concept 

Bon Vivant, proprietors of premium cheese stores in Brazil fashioned a business card that not only resembles but can actually be used as a cheese grater. Although the size of this device seems like it wouldn’t be very practical, it’s still a clever and unique idea for a card. Even given its much smaller size, printed onto a metallic surface it’s still able to be utilized to grate small amounts of gourmet hard cheeses or chocolate.

2. Sizable Share

Speaking of size, the Flow Yoga center based in Vancouver rolled out a miniature yoga matembellished with their logo and contact information printed onto foam-like material. Again, not very practical, but their business cards have the look and feel of a real yoga mat and designed to roll up similar to its full-size predecessor. 

3. Another Cool Tool

Along with the great grater idea, Canadian cycling enthusiast, Terry Miller, owner and bike technician at Broke Bike Alley, hands out a tool for simple repairs for these two-wheelers. Another metallic business card, this one can be utilized to tighten a standard-sized nut on a bicycle bolt or detangle a mangled bike chain. Given this concept, when it comes time for more complicated repairs, contact information is clearly printed on this handy little device.

4. Break-Up & Pull-Apart

Canadian divorce attorney James A.W. Mahon made waves on some social media channels passing out his creative and humorous business cards. A traditional black-and-white card printed on high-quality paper features the ability for it to be torn in two with a perforation running right down the middle. Contact information is available on both halves, and it was hailed for its design, hilarity and symbolism for an equal separation.

5. Another Tear-Away Design

Fitness trainer Zohra Mouhetta of the United Arab Empire invites clients to reap the rewards a physical regime offers on his business cards featuring a photo of a man’s big belly able to be torn away from the card. The perforation on this design can also be folded over and later removed awaiting the rewards and results of a good workout leading to the loss of this unwanted weight.

6. Stretching Revelations 

For this business card, in order to reveal the contact information available for Canadian personal trainer Poul Nielsen of Ontario, users must perform a stretching exercise. Printed on pliable material, the content isn’t viewable until it’s pulled horizontally or stretched out to reveal the message. With a one, and a two, perhaps potential clients will improve their manual strength and dexterity using their fingers and hands by repeating this routine regularly. 

7. Blooming Business Prospects

Owner of Another Bloomin’ Designer entrepreneur Jamie Wieck planted an excellent choice for the growth and expansion of her brand. Enclosing seeds into the envelopes for these business cards for fellow green-thumbed planting enthusiasts proved successful for connecting with these consumers. With green-printed happy, smiling faces embellished on these packets, they’re harvesting rewards when passing out these cards.

8. Card With A Cavity

For practicing dentist Dr. Anita Lechmann, designers drilled the concept of a cavity into her branded business cards. With a die-cut tooth appearing on the accompanying envelope, the outline of a molar with a black mark indicates a cavity that needs to be filled. Once the card is pulled out, the blemish disappears and the tooth doctor’s contact information is revealed. 

9. Tennis Anyone?

Another Brazilian ad firm aced their design promoting this back-and-forth sport played on a rectangular court. It almost goes without saying the card is similar to a standard tennis court in shape and colour, one set printed in green for grass or a hard surface and another in red denoting a clay court. When the Denia Salu Tennis Academy business card is presented its folded in half and when opened it reveals a miniature 3D tennis court including the net.

10. Building A Better Business Card

Staff members at the Lego brand of toy building blocks have their names and contact information printed onto miniature figurines that have become popular on the silver screen in a series of movies. These fully functional toys with jointed arms and legs are deliberately designed to resemble the person they’re meant to represent. 

11. Survival Of The Fittest

The BC Adventure survival training group of Vancouver decided to deliciously display their contact information on tiny slabs of dried beef. Part of surviving in the wild is the conservation of food and water as depicted on this product in the form of a business card. While this idea is certainly original, creative and delectable, its arriving low on our list since we’re wondering how long this card will last when presented as a tasty treat of beef jerky.

12. A Different Perspective On Dollars And Sense

Successful Canadian investment consultant and Financial Security advisor Franco Caligiuri of Vancouver garners attention from his business cards depicting either a fall or rise in the marketplace depending upon which side of the card is being viewed. When investments are “in the black,” on the ebony side, Franco recommends its time to sell investments. With lines literally cut out on the card indicating a graphic depicted decrease in the marketplace, while on the red flip-side, Caligiuri shows one should consider buying to increase wealth when the lines represent a rising trend.

Make an Impact with Creative Business Cards

When you’re looking to make your business look like a million bucks through these types of great graphic design concepts for better branding, contact our crew today. We’ll steer your marketing ship in the right direction when it comes to successfully sailing the seas of successful advertising campaigns and marketing strategies. 

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