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What You Can Do With 360-Degree Photography For Business




Jul 28, 2017

What You Can Do With 360-Degree Photography For Business

Before you read any further, take a look at this incredible example of 360-degree photography (if you have VR goggles handy, put them on now):

Wow, right? That was all done with a Sumsung Gear 360, a handheld 4K camera that records in a 360 degree arc around the camera. A lot of that wow came from the technology at first, particularly if you were watching in VR, but after that wore off you were probably wowed by the Cloud Forest’s cascading greenery and vertigo-inducing aerial walkways. It started off as an advertisement for a camera and ended up as something the Singapore tourist board could have commissioned.


Your business could benefit from 360-degree photography too, and we can help.


You could create virtual tours of your business, walk prospective home buyers through a new home, allow tourists to see a destination as if they were there. ‘The only limit is your imagination’ may be a little bit of a cliché, but, well, the only limit here is your imagination.


You’ve probably been hearing about the value of photography for your brand for the last decade, and some of you might have gone and made content for your companies. 360-degree photography is the next step: it offers all of the advantages of photography alongside one key difference- interactivity. Nobody ever looks at these images without interacting with them in some way, moving the camera around or zooming in and out, and plenty of people will view images multiple times to make sure that they caught everything (some companies have even made 360 scavenger hunts to capitalize on this trend). Interactive experiences stay in the memory for a long time, so if you have something to say 360 photography is one of the best ways to do it.


We’ve already done 360 tours for our clients, and we are a Google Business View Approved Agency. We love working with this technology, so if you to get the ball rolling on 360 photography get in touch with us here.

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