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Eye-catching graphic design and having a definitive brand presence is more important than ever in our fast-moving, media-consuming culture. Strong branding & graphic design that works cohesively to communicate your brand, both online and offline, can help you stand out from the rest of the pack.


Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity
Competitively positioning your brand, and obtaining top-of-mind awareness is achieved by having a strong brand identity. Octopus Creative can help you with everything from strategic logo design, custom fonts, visual branding elements, and more.


Print Design

Print Design
Integrated marketing requires a consistent brand across digital and print. Octopus Creative can take our awesome design skills, and translate those for your print mediums – posters, brochures, billboards, business cards, menus, flyers, invitations and. . . well, there’s just too many to list!


Graphic Design

Graphic Design
Simply put; computers are to design as lakes are to the Lakeland. You know the two just go hand-in-hand. Our graphic design services include everything from logo design to social media graphics and all the in-between.


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Since we're talking marketing in the digital age, it's safe to assume that Octopus Creative is going to be uber-responsive to your inquiries! Get in touch with us for additional information or to learn more about our services. Ready to take the plunge? Let us get to know your business a little deeper and submit a Marketing Discovery Form

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