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Content Creation


Content Creation

Owned, earned and paid content are the cornerstones to driving business results through your content marketing, and it takes a strategic approach to truly add value. Octopus Creative can help your business with all your multi-channel content creation needs from graphic design to copywriting to photography.



Using writing as a creative medium to communicate your brand is a killer tool. Great writing leaves people wanting more, and on the flip-side, grammatical errors can really turn people off. Octopus Creative can be your copywriting sidekick for crafting your brand voice on blogs, social media, websites, brochures, and pretty much anything that requires copywriting.


Graphic Design

Graphic Design
Simply put; computers are to design as lakes are to the Lakeland. You know the two just go hand-in-hand. Our team of talented designers can create banner ads, social media graphics, corporate logos, print media, and everything in between.


Content Planning

Content Planning & Strategy
Good content doesn’t just magically happen. It takes a strategic plan. Octopus Creative provides clients with full content maps and calendar to get your content working for you instead of you stressing about that next post.



Photography, Videography & 360-Degree Virtual Tours
Photographs and video are effective tools when it comes to communicating your brand value to the market, optimizing your search engine presence and ultimately, in driving leads. We’ve got top-end equipment and skills to get that done right. Our clients reap the rewards of photography services at a fraction of the cost of photo studios and we are one of the 1st Google Business View Trusted Agencies in northeastern Alberta, including virtual tours in Ft. McMurray.


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Since we're talking marketing in the digital age, it's safe to assume that Octopus Creative is going to be uber-responsive to your inquiries! Get in touch with us for additional information or to learn more about our services. Ready to take the plunge? Let us get to know your business a little deeper and submit a Marketing Discovery Form

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