Content Marketing Strategist Lead

Content Marketing Strategist Lead

Full-Time Content Marketing Strategist Lead

Octopus Creative is a kick-a$$, fast-growth, marketing agency located in Abbotsford, BC. We design, build & market wickedly beautiful websites in multiple verticals. Actually, about that, we're diving headfirst into the world of AI-powered consultancy – think CRM, marketing magic, and major client wins! If you're ready to ditch the agency grind and make waves with us, keep reading...

Octopus Creative is fishing for their newest team addition as a Content Marketing Strategist Lead who isn’t just a writer but a talented human who can put themselves into our clients’ clients shoes. Must be able to develop client avatars and understand the client journey. We’re looking for someone who can strategically write conversion-driven copy for landing pages, websites, emails, blogs and really anything that has words on it. 

Must be very organized, understand what makes people tick and be keen to uphold deadlines to ensure that $#!7 gets done, so it doesn’t hold up the rest of the creative process. 

And no, unlike other positions posted on most job sites… we don’t expect and aren’t looking for a unicorn who also  design websites, code apps or do our bookkeeping… nope… just understand how to strategically plan and execute strategy & write conversion-driven copy for our clients using the proven systems. 

You must have prior experience in a digital agency. You will also be the lead strategist.

Your Mission (Should You Choose to Accept It)

  • Be our strategic octopus 🐙: Wrap your tentacles around client goals, analyze markets like a pro, and build data-driven marketing plans (with a splash of AI!).
  • Embrace the AI wave 🤖: Explore the coolest AI tools, optimize our content, and turn those marketing campaigns into conversion machines.
  • Words are your weapons ⚔️: Write killer landing pages, blog posts that rank, and marketing materials that make our clients go "hell yeah!".
  • Spread the AI love 💖: Shout our successes from the rooftops with killer case studies and demos that show off our AI prowess.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Strategize on marketing & content plans directly with account management and clients
  • Strategize and structure website content outlines
  • Website page copywriting, highly focused around sales & conversions
  • Strategic keyword research to incorporate in website copywriting as well as ideate blog strategies & topics
  • Write valuable, digestible blogs based around SEO best practices and post them on WordPress websites
  • Write converting copy for email newsletters
  • Create compelling blog titles, email subject lines and website page headlines
  • Write high converting sales landing pages
  • Formulate quarterly content strategies for all clients
  • Write case studies on our clients
  • Build content strategies & write for varying customer avatars
  • Ideate the structure and flow of automated multiple-step email campaigns
  • Collaborate with interdepartmental teams to ensure desired results
  • Create writing style guides for individual brands
  • Prepare content briefs for projects for freelance copywriters when needed
  • Collaborate with design, marketing, and development teams to ensure project completion to deadline and budget
  • Organize and prioritize work to meet multiple deadlines
  • Facilitate occasional webinars/workshops alongside the Director of Business when needed; based on topics around content creation etc.

What we’re looking for:

  • Minimum 3 years experience in a digital marketing agency
  • Your portfolio is your superpower 💪: Show us your strategic genius and how you switch voices effortlessly for different brands.
  • AI ain't scary, it's awesome 🤓: You get the potential of AI in marketing, and you're stoked to learn and play with new tools.
  • Industry chameleon? Yes, please! 🦎: You can jump into any sector, understand client needs like whoa, and craft strategies that deliver.
  • The usual suspects: You're organized AF, detail-obsessed, and deadlines are your middle name.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to take constructive criticism
  • Self-motivated & driven

How to apply:

  • Submit your resume, along with experience via our application form on our website.
  • If you happen to know the owners or referred through one of their marketing groups — reach out directly to them on Facebook. Small bribes will be accepted.
  • Please do not call our contact numbers as we won’t be available to answer, and our reception will not have additional answers that aren’t already posted here. The owners are too busy managing projects and prefer to look over applicants in the middle of the night over some drinks anyhow.
  • On the application form on this job posting within, you must enter Position Interested In as "F#^%*ng Content Marketing Strategist Lead" or your application will be immediately trashed and never looked at.
  • Bonus Points: shoot a loom video and include the link within the "Tell us a little about yourself" section of our application form. 


Make waves, not coffee runs 🌊: Be a major part of our exciting transformation into AI rockstars.

AI = always interesting 🤯: We'll help you master the latest AI tools and watch your knowledge explode.

Benefits, duh 👍: Chamber of Commerce group benefits has got your back (Medical, Dental, the works).

Work from your happy place 🏡: Remote role, so conquer the marketing world in your pyjamas (we won't judge).



Bonus bonus points (and pay) if you're in the Fraser Valley region and can work out of our coworking client's space. More details if you're invited to interview.

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.