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We’re all online. Your grandma shares .gifs on Facebook. The shawarma place on your block is all over Instagram. You’re not impressing anybody, or getting any business, by having an outdated website and zero social presence.

Online is evolving faster, and weirder, than anyone can possibly keep up with. If you want to be there, you’ll need a sidekick. A Dory to your Nemo. A Butch to your Cassidy. A coffee to your doughnut. Or, if you want to get technical, a full-service brand marketing agency that’ll be your entire marketing department without you having to buy desks and dental plans and stuff.


46% of Canadians would quit fast food for the internet

Nearly 90% of Canadians use the internet

71% of Canadians spend 3-4 hours online EVERY DAY

Since 2013, the use of mobile devices to access the internet has DOUBLED

63% of Canadians said having a website makes an organization look more credible

Need a First-Rate

First Mate?

We started out in rural Alberta, and our rural roots are one of the reasons we're different—from our core values that encourage giving back, to our proven processes that demonstrate a commitment to open communication. Since starting in 2016 we've grown to serve clients of all shapes and sizes from across western Canada.


99.8% of businesses in Canada have 500 employees or less: they're a vital, vibrant, innovative sector of the economy and we want to dive in with both feet.



From grocery stores to credit unions to fuel cooperatives, these democratically-controlled organizations are often at the forefront of doing good work in their community.



We love working for non-profits. Charities, DMOs, arts organizations and chambers of commerce all present unique challenges, and we do love a challenge.


Funded Startups

If you've got an idea, a plan for moving it forward and start-up funding to put behind it, then we want to get you to the point where your start-up has a cool converted warehouse office with a foosball table.


Everything is a Brand…

You don’t get to ignore your brand or your marketing in 2018. Everything, and everyone, it seems, is branded. Everyone is surrounded by marketing messages from billion-dollar companies. You’re not just competing with your company’s peers any more, or even the shop down the block, you’re competing with the big fish like Apple and Amazon for jaded consumers.

Branding manages to be both a complex hard science and seat-of-your-pants artistry. If you want to create a brand that actually sticks with people then you’ll need a partner, a multi-armed sidekick who’ll understand your company as well as you do and come up with everything from a colour scheme to a mission statement to your public relations strategy. And it won’t suck.

Learn More About Our Brand

1. Discovery

Who are you, what do you do and why? We’ll go down to the finest details of your company’s mission and operations- where you are and where you want us to take you.

2. Strategy Mapping

We love it when a plan comes together, and this is the first step: sitting down to put decades of marketing experience to bear on a proactive, usable strategy, with all kinds of arrows and flow charts and such.

3. Production

Also known as ‘doing stuff’. Here’s where we implement the strategy by sitting down and getting websites coded, copy written, photographs taken, i’s crossed and t’s dotted.

4. Delivery

Here’s where we unwrap the package and show your new brand to the world. This part’s exciting.

Deep Dive

5. Ongoing Collaboration

Now that we’re on the open water it’s time to keep swabbing the decks and trimming the sails. We’ll keep creating new content, pushing your social media advertising and keeping you updated with reporting on how great it’s going.

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Our Services


If your marketing strategy consists of throwing things out and seeing what sticks, we can tell you right now that there’s a better way. That’s why our solutions are designed with our clients in mind, and why we never recommend without a solid strategy to start. Great marketing strategy implementation needs Marketing Solutions That Stick.

The crew

Your marketing sidekicks

Who are we? We’re marketers, storytellers, coders, designers, volunteers and, most importantly to you, business owners. That means that we know that running a company is a juggling act, and juggling is a whole lot easier when you’ve got some extra arms. We set sail with small-to-medium sized enterprises, co-operatives and non-profits who are in for the long haul, who know that hoping that this whole digital thing is just going to figure itself out isn’t going to work for a twenty-first-century business. We get a kick out of seeing your organization grow and evolve.


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Beautiful, diverse, colourful, fascinating, the cornerstone of its ecosystem: our blog is all these things and more. Coral reefs are cool too.

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